In the Egyptian village of Dabod there is a vampire that normally lives peacefully with its human neighbors called a dogirs. A type of vampiric spirit, it looks just like a human during the day but with a lump on its lower back. This lump is in truth the dogirs' tail hidden under the skin. In its true form, which it can assume at night by rolling in ashes, the vampire looks like a were-wolf with glowing eyes.
In 1929 the police of the village were called to conduct an official search for a dogirs. Law enforcement officials cited having a lump on a person's back as grounds for arrest.
Source: American Anthropological Association,
American Anthropologist, vol. 69, 689; Beshir, Nile Valley Countries, 139; Grauer, The Dogri, 114 ­24

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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